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Celcom First Data - Plan & Services

Connect as you wish. Anytime, anywhere.

Exercise your freedom to choose with the various Celcom First Data plans that are available to you. Customised for different usage needs, now everyone can enjoy Internet access with the widest network.

The best data plan for your PC & Notebook

It's easy to go online using the Celcom USB modem. Just plug it in to your laptop or desktop and you're instantly connected! Get the best of Celcom First Data with any plan of your choice:

Monthly Payment RM48 RM68 RM98 RM138
Speed 1.5Mbps 3.6Mbps 5Mbps 7.2Mbps
Data Volume 1.5GB 4GB 6GB 10GB
Internet Security Suite FREE 1 month FREE 1 month FREE FREE
Unlimited Music Downloads FREE 1 month FREE 3 months FREE 12 months FREE 12 months

*Upfront payment of RM150 includes Registration fee of RM100 and Advance payment of RM50. 
*Foreigner deposit of RM100 is applicable for Non-Malaysians during registration. 
The plans above are also compatible to Tablet PC devices. For more info on micro SIM, please click here

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The best plan for smartphones with free calls & SMS

If you love being online 24/7 and still chat away with your friends, this is the perfect smartphone plan for you. Enjoy heavy data usage paired with voice and SMS capabilities on your mobile with these plans:

PlansmAdvance PlusmPro Plus
Monthly Payment RM68 RM88
Data Volume 3GB 5GB
Package Comprises 
(Data + Voice + SMS)
FREE 60 minutes (Voice Calls)
FREE 60 SMS (All Networks)
Additional Usage (All Networks)
Voice Calls 20sen 15sen
SMS 20sen 15sen
Video Calls 30sen 30sen
MMS 30sen 30sen

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The best plan for the youth

Having lower monthly commitment but with higher data volume may seem unreal to some, but not when it comes to Celcom First Data's special Youth Plan. It's the perfect plan for every young adult between 18 - 25 years who wants to keep up with the happenings of the online world, without putting a dent in their pockets.

Monthly Commitment RM60/month
Speed 3.6Mbps
Data Volume 3GB with additional 2GB free*
Extra Benefits FREE USB Modem

*The additional free data volume periods are from 2am - 8am daily. 
*SMS will be charged at 15 sen/SMS across all networks.